Sting eliminates Bacchus

Fairy Tactician! Eclipse 2 Plan - #FairyTail 178 Fairy Tail 178 shows Mavis’ true colours as she is revealed to be a great tactician while she was still alive, she predicts and calculates what the fights are going turn out to be, we also learn that after Natsu helps Lucy’s escape, they falls into the Hell Prison.

Bazz-B Notices Gremmy's attack to be bad

Zaraki’s Nozarashi Shikai! Meteorite Destroyed - #Bleach 577 Bleach 577 finally releases Zaraki’s Nozarashi Shikai to which he is quickly and swiftly able to destroy the upcoming meteorite headed to destroy Seireitei.

Watch Captain Earth (Anime)

Watch Captain Earth #Anime

Captain Earth Poster

Brand new anime’s and the spring anime season has already begun bringing lots of new and awesome anime, today I’d like to recommend you that you watch Captain Earth which is about a boy, Daichi Manatsu, who encounters various alien things by which he follows to reveal his fate and future. He’s quickly put into a large mecha machine called the Earth Engine in order to defend off against an…

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Mirajane breaks all Demon Revival flasks

Tartarus’ Demon King! Hell’s Core - #FairyTail 380 Fairy Tail 380 goes ahead to release Sayla’s limiter where by she instantly becomes a lot quicker and much more stronger than previously to allow her to fight Mirajane, we also get a peek at END, which is a book, whereby the Demon King, Marde Guille takes care of it.